Ah... the river. Just got back from kicking it there with Brianne, and then chilling with her at her place. It's been a very relaxing night, and i'm just letting my hair dry before hitting the sack. Whilst getting all sorts of lovely metal music from www.hellfrost.com. There's some insane shit on there, but it would be just divine coding music. Stuff i could easily lose myself in while cranking out lines upon lines of whack vb6 code.

I looked at my project at work, counted the lines of code - right around 14,000. In two months. Holy fuck.

But yeah, the river kicked ass. I think it's been something like five years since i've actually been in the river, and it was pretty rad. Pretty damned cold at first, but i warmed up pretty quick, and had a really cool time just getting in touch with nature and the land i'll always consider home, no matter where i might end up in the future.

My hair is getting pretty dry though, so i reckon i'm gonna head to bed. I wrap the better part of my project at work up tomorrow, so I'm going to try and go in early and maybe be productive or something. Enjoy the rest of your night and dream sweet dreams, reader.


Happy post-radiohead-concert day! Hope your weekend, reader, went well. Mine kicked all sorts of ass. In a nutshell, Funkmaster Pink, Becky, The Mexican, and I went to East Troy, WI to see Radiohead. The first time for all of us.. and damn dude, it was absolutely stellar. Certainly in the Top Five list of best shows i've ever seen. Right up there with Jimmy Page & Robert Plant, Rush, Blues Traveler, and Dave Matthews Band. All i can really say at this point is ... wow. I just danced my ass off, got down with my bad self, really got in touch with the music and the flow of energy between the crowd and the band. Purely spiritual, it was something that was well-needed and did a fucking excellent job at refuelling me, so to speak. Good shows have a way of doing that. :)

Highlights: Sail You To The Moon (i actually cried a bit during this one, a first for me, your intrepid concertgoer Goat), Idioteque (i've been waiting a long time to see this one live and just go nuts dancing), Myxamatosis (wasn't expecting it, and it's just so fucking chunky, it tore the roof off the place, and Fake Plastic Trees (cause it just hauls ass). The whole show was beyond expectation, but those songs there capped it all.

Oh, and Street Spirit too. And Lucky. And Sit down stand up, etc etc etc. damn

I should hit the sack here but i'll be sure to write more in the next few days, aboot the trip. Sleep well, reader - i know i will.


Hello, reader.

This weekend was fun but a little peculiar. I went to WE FEST, and had quite a bit of fun, but it was also off-kilter a bit. In some ways it ended up making me feel really alone and outcast. Odd, but that's how I felt for the better part of it, kinda. Plus i was sick too, off and on, which was pretty bunkass. Perchance due to heat stroke, or exhaustion, i ended up having a queasy stomach for pretty much the whole weekend. Did i hurl, you ask? Naw... but i probably could have if i willed myself to it. Then everyone was like, DRINK! MORE BEER! and i'm just like, aaaaahhh, i need more WATER... alas.

I'll be heading to bed here directly, as i'm very tired. Didn't get much sleep last night. Grr. And i get to work tomorrow morning, too. yech

But have a good one, and hopefully you had a fun weekend, without the stomach issues. Sleep well.



Whew... got done with the plotmaker enhancements tonight. Not like it was that intrepid a task, but... coupled with work it began to bite the ass a little. It'll be nice to relax a bit this weekend out at WE FEST.


Something i thought i'd never go to! Why? Well, it's country of course. But what the fuck, i figure i'll try something new, go get in touch with my WT self and get tuned with my friends, see an occasional hottie or two perhaps, and get out of town. Gotta respect trying new things... as long as it's not butt sex.

I would write more, i suppose, but i'm pretty shot and honestly don't want much to do with the computer right now. I think i'll go read and then get ready for tomorrow's trek eastward. Have a joyful weekend, reader, and stay happy. There's lots in life to live for, lots to enjoy - even if it's not right here, right now, right in front of your eyes.



Whoo, it's been forever since i've written. I guess i've been pretty busy, so that's to be expected. Work has been pretty wild - the deadline for my code is fast approaching, and there's a good bit left to do. It's a rare day when i don't finish something on time (aside from PlotMaker...) though, so i'm sure I'll do okay.

I'd write more, but i'm pooped. Brianne and cody and i rode bike last night and i was kinda tired afterwards, plus slept like shit, so might hit the sack pretty quick here. I did however write a new poem, so here 'tis. Have a fine rest of the week.


The Here and Now


Ceaselessly I travel, enduring, moving place to place
Between lands metaphorically dead
To those quite dead in the literal
Transplanted alone in places new

Alone, like a conquistador, lost, parched, and forgetful
Forgetful of the homeland and the sweet grassy hills
Ceaselessly seeking my own Cibola,
But always finding just a land of small beauty –

A tiny flower the color of sunset
Rolling along the black paved smoothness of the café parking lot
Blown with the forgotten desert dust
Blown across the forgotten land

Clouds come and it rains, and like a rapidly fading blaze I remember
I remember with my withered Spanish soldier’s brain
The smell of the homeland, the calm of the sunset,
The way I loved to look in her eyes –

And I glance down, shielding my own eyes
(for the rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain, and I am most certainly that)
And stare at the dust and rock, the dead land

The rain chilling me, I retire for the night,
Thoughtless and without dreams,
The lands of greater beauty forgotten