Song of the Afternoon - Sunny Day Real Estate - 100 Million

pay for the sign on the hill that says 'you're home'
pay for the hole in the ground to place your bones
pay for the words in your mouth to flow
pay for the sales of your shoes to walk the streets of kings
pay for the simplest things
pay for the food on your plate to live
pay for the mood in your mind to give a thought disguised
pay for the simplest things
who turned
who turned the light out
who turned
who turned away
one hundred million
fences around us
can we own everything
including the moon and the sun and the stars?
pay for the whip on your back to break
pay for the chain on your neck to control your life
pay for everything


Off to California! Tomorrow i head to Palm Springs for a business conference. I shall report all my evil escapades. ;)

Until then, reader, get some rest - we could all use it. It's been one hell of a week.