Thank goodness for Bailey's Irish Cream. :)
So yeah, today so far... I'm on my extended lunch break now, in between classes. I have Operating Systems II in the morning, then lunch, and then Statistics followed by Computer Networks. Fun. It'll be nice to be done with school come May.

I'm fucking sore, by the way. Yesterday my roommate and I went to the gym for the first time in eons, and I'm feeling it now. Like, I can't seem to stretch my left arm out straight; one of my tendons is pooched or something. Thus, I've been keeping it bent inward for most of the morning. I'm sure that makes for a comical sight at school.

OS was a little bunk today, since I ended up being the mediator for our project group. Normally I don't mind this role, since things tend to move along at a faster clip, but today was different. Our project in that class is to create a distributed operating system. The class is divided in half, and each half is subsequently divided into smaller groups, each assigned to a specific task. Mine is to work on the resource manager. Yay! Thing is, we were initially told to implement this gem using c++ in a Linux environment. Fuck that - debugging that monster would be insane. So a few of us proposed doing it in C# with Visual Studio .NET. I mean, the thing certainly supports the use of sockets and multithreading and even pointers, if you declare your code as "unsafe". Granted, you take a performance hit for using the .NET framework, but it would be so much nicer to do it in C#... but here's the catch: exactly half of the group is more akin to writing it in c++. A number of them solely because they hate anything Microsoft, basically. Trying to come to a decision in this group was just a bitch; we actually ran out of time and are postponing the vote until Tuesday. Shall be interesting.

Tomorrow I head to Bismarck for the weekend. That, too, shall be interesting. I have no major impetus to go, but i've been planning on it for awhile, and it's always good to get back. My roommate, the one that went to the gym with me (let's call him "Steve", shall we?), is coming back home, too. So Steve and I are planning a little soiree at my parents' home in Mandan. Perhaps with some other friends, too. The topic of discussion lately, then, has been what to drink. We've a good lot of Kahlua left, and vodka, and amaretto, and other shit, but who knows. I might just go score some Killian's or another tasty beverage and call it good.

Faithful reader, enjoy your weekend. I'll have a cold one for ya.


This is my second post. I'm thinking that this could be interesting, this Blogger thing. Normally I'm pretty anal about my coding and don't jive well with editors that generate their own code, as this blogger does. It seems like a decent tool, though, so we'll see how it treats me.

If you didn't guess from the tiny rant above, I pay for my food and gasoline with my phat programming skills. I'm a software developer. I suppose, in turn, that makes me a geek, but fuck that. For those who know me, I'm essentially The Goat. Over time, you, the reader, should hopefully develop a sense of who this Goat character is.

You might think since I code that I sit around wasting my life away playing all sorts of games - 3D-shooters, rpg's, the whole gamut. Sorry to rain on your parade, but no... if I play games, it's racing games. That's where it's at. Most of the time, though, i'm sitting around reading, or writing, or coding (imagine that). Or, if the weather is warm enough, you might find me mountain biking, out on a stroll, or out exploring the fine world of photography.

And... I'm fond of dark beer. Not the stereotypical geek drink of choice, but you'd be suprised how many computer science majors enjoy a cold pint of Guinness now and then. So maybe I'm not the typical geek, but I do suppose I am one, nonetheless. But i'm mostly just The Goat.

This is my first post, purely experimental. I'm inwardly hoping that i'll stay committed to this.