New post... new POEM!

Have a fine weekend, folks.




Paddles slap the water in a lullaby rhythm,
Indifferent waves roll the craft side to side,
My old craft a stunted pendulum
Marking off the passing time
In an exact antiseptic fashion –

My own metronome, pushing me towards the last days –

I soon grow weary of this.

Listen with open ears, an open heart
To the tunnel that never ends
The endless echo in the dark of night, the dark of life

It’s like tossing a pebble in the air
And losing it in the sea –
Like watching a dying sunset –
When alone in the world
Like killing existance and not breaking a sweat

Sometimes I scream, scream until I spit blood
But the echo never changes, never stops

I slash myself and seal the outside doors
But the light never comes;
No light in the tunnel, no sound of life

Just an endless droning echo,
Vanilla-flavoured and smooth as the spring wind


Word up. I haven't been doing much of anything noteworthy lately, but I thought I'd write for a little while just for the hell of it.

Last night I finally partied for once. The Lobster, Toaster, The Chanimal, Pink's brother, and Brianne came over. I probably got the most tuned out of the lot, which is per the usual case, but I had a decent time. In a way it kinda bit, since I was unusually crabby for a good lot of the night, but I got over that once I started drinking. I went to see my mom last night, and it didn't pan out quite how I had expected it to. Of course, events have a way of never really working out the way one wishes them to.

Like when you hope that your friends will call if you decide to take a hiatus from calling them. Just in an effort to see, sort of, who still wants to hang out and stuff. I can write Pink's brother off since he simply doesn't call anyone, but other than that, well... the Toaster and Brianne did call a few times. But that was about it. Alas. Feeling sufficiently enlightened in my newfound knowlege, i decided to say "fuck all" and just invite people over again last night. As i said earlier, it was fun, but weird too. I kept thinking to myself, yeah, ya'll are having fun and all, and sit and piss and moan about never doing anything the rest of the time, so what the shit, just fucking call for once. Grr.

Sorry, i've just been in a rather pissy state for the past few days.

Time to hit the shower, i reckon, and then go make a trip to I. Keating Furniture World in persuit of a kitchen table. My grandmother gave me one today (she herself gets a new one delivered tomorrow), but it's just a little too big for my dining room. so... that will eventually end up in the fabled "man pit" downstairs. And, to boot, I only have two chairs for this table, slightly 70s at that. The plan, then, is come pay-day next week, I might go and buy some chairs, and the following month, go score the table to match them. I remember seeing a few I liked; i'll see if they still remain and how much they'll cost. I'd also like to scope out the prices on sectional sofas, since mine is a trife "special" and I'd like more seating in my place.

Like it really matters much though, considering about half my crew here will be leaving for school in August. So, just me, Pink's brother, Locken, and Brianne. The sectional can probably wait.

Have a wonderful Sunday, reader, and make the most of the rest of your weekend.