Song of the day: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Room at the Top

Today is starting out as quite a gray and blah wonder that I didn't much expect from this weekend. In the back of my head, of course, i wasn't holding too many high expectations for this weekend, but generally nature is nicer to me and provides me blissfully sunny Saturday mornings, perfect for getting out and mountain biking. Alas, it's gray and cold and slightly damp outdoors.

But life ain't so bad, when you think about it. Even though it might be cold and gray and clammy and icky, my house is still warm. I can fire up the candles, put on some GWAR, cover myself in strawberry syrup and prance around naked, and noone cares. Or i can just put in a movie, generally give a great big california salute to the world, and lose myself for a few hours. It may be a boring and basically simple existence, but it sure beats homework. It's not all that bad.

Anyhoo, today at least, i'll be chilling with my mom and grandma and shit, so that should be cool. Other than that, who knows... there aren't really any plans. I don't feel like drinking tonight cause I doubt anyone will be around (and drinking by onesself is just fucking lame, it's a real downer) so, you never know. Maybe i'll just watch a flick... or try to get caught up on Keruac's On the Road. 'Tis a strange book, in that, parts of it seem very cool, very profound, very, like, wow, man, wow. But a bigger hunk of it doesn't seem to go anywhere; it comes across as very anticlimatic. It all serves to make a book that i do enjoy, but can actually put down. For extended periods of time. Perhaps i'll tackle the beast again later, however. Regardless, all shit screeches to a halt on November 4, because that's when Dark Tower 5 - Wolves of the Calla is released. Those readers who are privy to the knowledge of my dark-tower-junkiness will know the importance of such an event.

Don't expect to hear from me for a few months when that fucker comes out ... it's been a long time coming.

Well, i best be off. To do what? Who the hell knows, but just get away from the devil machine here and take advantage of having some computer-free time. Enjoy your day, reader - do something pleasant.


Song of the day: Radiohead - Gagging Order

I know what you're thinking
But I'm not your property
No matter what you say
No matter what you say

Move along, there's nothing left to see
Just a body, nothing left to see

A couple more for breakfast
A little more for tea
Just to take the edge off
Just to take the edge off

Move along, there's nothing left to see
Just a body, pouring down the street

Move along, theres nothing left to see
Just a body, nothing left to see

Move along


dude... lame. I just realised how many times i use the word ass when i write, and, well, that sucks ass. It does not, by any means, kick ass.

I so need an expanded vocabulary!
Today's song: Coldplay - The Scientist

Wow.. been over a month since i last made a "real" post. As i read once in a journal i found in the state historical society archives, though, one tends not to write precisely during those times in life when there's so much to document. When things die down and become simple and plain, though, then one writes.

How much could I even begin to write about the shit that's transpired over the past month? Is it even worth getting on my soapbox about? Doubtful. Most of the folks who read this, perhaps even you, reader, are privy to the details... but i'll spare them from the casual observer. No use in beating a dead horse. Let's just say that i'm in a prime position to slip back into my world of relative obscurity as your friendly neighborhood GIS software development monkey.

It's often a comfortable, pleasant world here, none too exciting, but not too bad either. Pretty stable, i dare say, most of the time. But as i sort of realised this past weekend, if i had to declare myself a certain climate as an expression of my inner works, i'd say i'm that of a desert locale, say around the town of Phoenix, Arizona. I'm pretty consistant - dry heat of the days with a nice variance of chilly, crisp nights. But when it rains it pours - Southwestern-cloudburst style. Thankfully that happens rarely, maybe once or twice a year at best. Alas.

Tonight's song: Counting Crows - Raining in Baltimore

So it's off to the shower for the Goat, then to reading some fun and exciting stuff in the Harvard Business Review (oh yeeeah), and then to bed. Do sleep well tonight, dream visions of contentment, and hold onto these last warm days. There's cold times ahead.


potato salad!