Oh fuck you dude, that is so not cool... i just wrote a big-assed entry and the server started puking, bitching about my http request being too long. Motherfuckers.

General jist of the original: work was okay on the first day, and women are perplexing as fuck. Relationships are overrated because the bad things always seem to outweigh the good ones (ie what the hell is the point, you know? can relationships even be good? And if so, what is so good? You've got me....)

Grr... sometimes, man, sometimes. Now i guess i'll go shower and go to bed.


Whoa... back from dinner at the local Fortune Cookie. I went there with my grandma, so that was cool, but i ate far too much food. Alas. But fuck it, I can indulge once in awhile, especially when it's free.

Other than that, that's all I've done so far today. Now I'm waiting for the Coyote to show up so she can sell me her old stereo, a NAD reciever, equalizer, and this ancient relic called "The Beam Box", an adjustable am/fm antenna. It actually works pretty slick, but it's so 70s, with the faux wood laminate, etc. The kicker is that i've no clue what the fuck i'll actually do with this stereo. I'd thought of using it for my PC, but the paradigm titan speakers i'll use aren't video shielded. Perhaps it'll go in the Man Room (the basement).

That's all for now... to the couch with me!


Grr... I was going to sit down and write my first post from my new place in Bismarck, but now i realised that I have some shit i need to take care of, like right now. Bah...

Perhaps I'll write more tonight.


Hmm.. Been awhile since I've written, huh? Well, throw me a frickin' bone here, haha... i've been busy with the move and school! By the way, I'm done! I graduated today, much to my satisfaction. It's been a long time coming.

This past week I've been living with Funkmaster Pink and his girlfriend, which has been rad. But the 28.8kbps dialup kinda licks. Alas.

I'll just cut this short for now, since i'm battling some creeping death along with my normal 11:39pm sleepiness. Dream beautiful dreams tonight, reader.


May Day, May Day, cha cha cha!

Not too exciting, I guess. Just another standard, run-of-the-mill day. Went to my Phi Alpha Theta banquet this evening... which wasn't so bad. Coyote won a free haircut in the raffle, and Steve won a $25 gift certificate to B&N. So that was cool. The food wasn't too bad, either. Honestly, I'd have rather stayed home and coded, but I guess we can't have everything.

Since my life has been pathetically bland lately, I'm just going to put a hold on writing and go read for Social Implications of Computers. Have a good one.