Eh, what the fuck. I'm jamming to the Replacements now, and they got me thinking ... yeah, i'd like beer for breakfast, too. And then it occurred to me: what else am I going to do right now, besides write some more in the blog? Download more pr0n? Nah, it gets old.

On the other hand, it's been forever since i've written in here. Why? Not too sure, to be honest. I have been hanging with friends quite a bit lately, so I suppose I haven't had a huge load of time to set aside for more bloggish persuits. And then there's that thing called work, you know, where I code for about 9 or 9.5 hrs a day. I like being creative, and the people i work with are rad, but it tends to make one tired during the evenings. Harry Potter has kept me company during those moments, unlike the blog.

Perhaps I'll start tending to this more often now, especially since the system appears upgraded and has in fact not lost my posts from April. This is a good thing.

But you may ask, what have I been doing other than work and socialising for the past three weeks? Not a whole hell of a lot. I've cleaned my place a little, here and there (course, with just me here, it takes awhile to get grungy), and as mentioned before, caught up on reading. Even though i've been chilling with my crew a lot, I haven't gotten properly shitfaced in what seems like a good while. I had planned on it two weekends ago, but an old friend of mine - let's just call him Ford Prefect - passed away. Needless to say, the plans for a night on the town flew out the window. There were more urgent, important matters.

Since then, I really haven't drank at all. I've had a few here and there, i guess, but i haven't gotten rip-roaring, balls-to-the-wall hammered. Alas. I thought there would be a chance this weekend, but Funkmaster Pink can't make it down, so our plans for a special sort of gathering went down the tubes. Now it sounds like the Toaster doesn't want to really do anything... so i'm sure i'll end up sitting here, like normal. Bah.

I seem to have done a lot of that this past week, at least - a lot of jack and shit. It sucks, but the way i look at it is this: for pretty much ever since i've been here, like the past month, i've been seeing people all the time. I could use some time to recharge. Plus, a lot of the time, i'm the one that does the calling, ringing people to come over and such. Since friendly relationships are indeed a two way street, and call for a good level of balance, I figured I'd just let them call me this week if they want to hang out.

Noone really called. For some reason this struck me as no big suprise.

Fuck it dude, let's go bowling.
Not much new at all... so much of life right now is the same old thing, it's a bit odd. I'm not too sure what to make of this.

Just thought i'd pop on here though and let you, reader, know all is (for the most part) well. Hope things are well where you are, too.


new poem! word.




I’m going to sleep, going to dream…
Gonna leave the dark tonight

I sail east away from the sun
Orange behind me turning the freeway to gold
Slab of yellow through the green fields, leading me home

Gonna see you soon

It all falls silent; the air holds its breath
The speedometer, long broken, ceases its lonely plastic grinding
And my tires, worn down vulcanized hopes, hush up

Gonna pull myself from this sunset
See you in the light tonight

My companions fall to the earth below
In the other lane, a breakdown lane, thousand miles away
Just me, leaving the eighteen-wheelers and the sun, ascending to black

We’ll dance among the stars when we meet
I’m gonna smile my tiny smile,
And you’re gonna laugh your tiny laugh

But then my wind dies and I fall back to earth
Car, hope, and tears in perfect synchronous descent
Dancing in a silken rhythm of perfection
Leading me back to the long-haulers and the hum of treads on an easterly path
Turned almost black in the early night

Guess I’ll ride on home
An’ stay outta the light

I’ll sit in the night until the sun sets again, and we meet at last

Gonna see you soon