Ah... almost time for bed. But I thought, well, whilst my hair dries, i may as well try to write something, since it's been far too long. Interestingly enough, Blogger has changed their interface yet again since i've been gone, but that likely happened months ago. I've just fallen off the face of the earth lately, and it sucks. Alas.

Have a pleasant Friday, reader, and sorry for the lapse in writing. Shame on me for being such a horrible provider of juicy content!

Anyways, here's the goods. Peace out.

Thursday Night Americana


I feel coolness on my neck, this black night
Were you here next to me I’d give it to you –
Take the black and fragrant silent stillness that envelopes
The love I see, and let paint a landscape
A simple plateau of shallow misunderstanding and aimless doubt
Sleeping under eternal starlight

Your very own painting!
One to hang in the halls of your hindsight
A tiny red thread
Tied on your finger
Reminding you of what you could have had
Of the sunrise you could have seen
Next to me